Q. Where are your products made?
A. Old Town Imports produces handmade products in India and Mexico. We have personal relationships with each of our factory suppliers to ensure the highest quality in our products. each piece from Old Town Imports is handcrafted, one at a time, by skilled artisans. 

Q. Do you sell pewter?
A. Yes. Many people refer to any kind of metal serveware as pewter, a term that literally means a mixture of any number of silver-gray metal alloys. The majority of our particular alloy is made of aluminum (for shiny quality), with a small percentage of copper (for malleability) and silica (for strength). 

Q. Are your products food safe? Do they contain lead?
A. Old Town Imports serveware products are 100% food safe and our aluminum is lead free

Q. Are your products made of silver and will they tarnish?
A. While appearing silver in color, our products are not made of silver. Therefore they do not cost as much as silver, nor do they require the same maintenance—Our products will never tarnish!

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Q. What about the imperfections I might see in my product?
A. Because each product is hand-made, each has unique markings, many of which are not considered to be imperfections. slight variations are a natural part of the process, which authenticates the uniqueness of each piece. We check each product for quality to ensure it is appropriate for sale.

Q. Will the product scratch?
A. Like other metal items, these items may become scratched. Slight surface scratches may occur from regular use. To avoid major scratches, do not cut directly on product surface or use stringent materials to clean it.

Q. Can I put my product in the dishwasher?
A. No. Our serveware is hand-wash, hand-dry only. Aluminum serveware should NOT be washed in the dishwasher. Handwash in warm soapy water, rinse, and dry. Rinse and towel dry thoroughly before initial use and promptly after each subsequent use. Spotting may occur if pieces are left to drip dry. If your piece is mistakenly put in the dishwasher, you can try using a good metal polish suitable for aluminum. 

Q. Can I cook with aluminum? Will it go in the fridge, freezer, or oven?
A. Our serveware retains serving temperature beautifully. You can heat the serving pieces in the oven (not microwave) up to about 200 F, and it will keep foods warm for over an hour or if you’re looking to keep foods cold, chill your pieces in the fridge or freezer to serve cold foods. Do not use your serveware for actual cooking.